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Asia Pacific Drilling Engineering

We are Asia Pacific Drilling Engineering (APDE) to provide high quality services and products for oil and gas industry. The company focuses on supplying of downhole drilling equipment and well completion product.

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Dynamic Efficiency

We continue to develop and to invest in better technology and innovation to ensure that we will provide the best services and products which will meet and exceed customer expectation. We have been continually proved by many clients that our performance under “Dynamic Efficiency” concept have been recognized over the time.

Our Products
Empowering the drilling solution


Oil country tubular goods (OCTG) is a group of seamless rolled products including drill pipe, pup joint, HWDP, casing, tubing, premium connections, pipe accessories and sucker rods which subjected to use in all types of oil and gas drilling and well completion activities

Cementing Equipment

Cementing equipment includes various items used while drilling oil/gas/water wells. Down-hole equipment such as Centralizers is used to ensure obtaining satisfactory zone isolation. Float Shoes and Collars prevent backflow after the cement has been pumped into place. Cement plug is used to separate the cement slurry from other fluids.

Filtration Unit

Filtration units provide excellent filtration with optimum flow rate capacities, for use in a wide range of industrial and oil and gas applications, all of which can be tailored to suit as per requirements.

Quad Neutron

Downhole nuclear measurement device designed for thru pipe reservoir and formation evaluation. It is an excellent open hole formation data alternative. Also, it replaces pulsed neutron technologies for thru pipe reservoir monitoring and evaluation.

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