APDE has provided high quality and standard equipment to supply oil and gas industry. Our equipment manufactured by using high technology and premium grade of material that endures the toughest conditions.
The equipment we supply to the industry include the following;

  • Tubular products
    • OCTG
    • Drill pipe
    • Pup joint
    • HWDP
  • Drilling bulk supply
    • Barite
    • Cement
    • Calcium carbonate powder
    • Drill bits
  • Cementing equipment and accessories
    • Centralizer
    • Float shoe/collar
    • Cement plugs
  • Downhole completion tools
    • ESP
    • ESP cable clamp
    • Pump and sucker rod
  • Casing torque ring

We can recommend and assist you to use the right specifications as per requirements.

“Save your cost with the endurable equipment.  We deliver on time. Your satisfaction is the first our goal.”

For more information each product please contact us directly.